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canadian solar panelsCanadian Solar have upset a large number of their customers by allowing the now “defunct” company “Solar Delight” to import a load of second grade, inferior panels into Australia without any of them knowing that they were illegal, second grade panels. 100’s of people throughout Australia are very angry and they have a right to be. Canadian Solar promised many of us ( including myself ) that they would replace our panels FREE OF CHARGE however later down the track they have back pedalled and actually tried to make a profit on the previously promised free replacements.

This has outraged a huge number of people who have been left with these second grade Canadian Solar Panels and Canadian Solar have jumped ship and literally wiped their hands of the entire situation. We have received dozens and dozens of emails from irate customers who are not just going to sit back and take being shafted by such a large company that should fess up and replace ALL of the panels completely free of charge.

The following are just a few stories from irate customers who have been shafted by Canadian Solar. We have emails containing a huge number of similar stories which we will also post here when time permits.

Hi Folks

My name is Dean (owner of this site)

I was contacted quite sometime ago by Canadian Solar and told by them that my Solar Panels were a low grade panel made by them and imported by Solar Delight who were as shonky as all hell. They assured me that they would be replacing them FREE of Charge in the coming months.

After many months of waiting finally a young guy from an interstate Solar company who had been sourced by Canadian Solar came out and assessed our system. He told me a heap of lies such as my inverter was not up to legal specs ( it had been replaced under warranty only 12 months ago), my isolation switches were dangerous and needed replacing and that several other mods needed doing. Total cost was well over $2000.

Naturally I told them to &%#* OFF and did not go through with the repairs as I knew straight away that it was a con. The young guy even switched one bank of panels off as he told me the switch was so bad that it was unsafe. As soon as he went I turned it back on and almost a year later it is still running fine. He analysed that the switch was crook due to a minute rust stain that was on the side of the switch which was so small that it was barely visible.

I have been approached by dozens of ex Solar Delight customers who are getting more and more angry due to Canadian Solar promising that their shonky panels would be replaced FREE of charge and then having them backflip and try to recoup all of the cost by charging customers big dollars by saying that their systems are not up to scratch.

Canadian Solar this problem isn’t going away so just bite the bullet, do the right thing and replace all of the shonky panels that you have allowed to come into Australia FREE of charge as you initially promised.


In August 2013, the Solar panels installed at my house through a retailer called Solar Delight, which has ceased long time ago. In September i received a letter from your guys (CER) saying the Canadian Solar panels installed at my place do not meet Australian Standards and giving me an option that Canadian Solar Australia offer to replace my PV solar Panels at either no cost or a minimal cost. After CER letter, i received letter from Canadian Solar Australia as well saying same issue and intend to replace my solar panels and advised me to contact after 1 October 2016. After some delay, i have been contacted and said SMART (Solar Maintenance and Renewable Technologies) will inspect and change out our panels but due to major delays it never happens.

 Then, i received a letter again from Canadian guys in September 2017 ( attached) saying due to delays with SMART another contractor company called Solar Service Guys has been appointed to complete solar panel replacement job.Finally, Solar Service Guys inspected my Solar Panels on 18th October 2017 and then i received a quote total of $3,731.00. I was surprised to see the quote as wasn’t expected that much amount. I was under impression that i have to pay a very minimal cost.Solar Service Guys include everything in quote; Solar panels and Invertor. I remember I talk to CER about my invertor and CER advised me that my current invertor is up-to Australia Standards. 

 Even, I emailed Solar Guys and said panel should replaced free of cost and inverter is up-to standard. Also during inspection Solar Service representative told my wife that Invertor is OK, no need to change. In reply they said, its not i have to pay for both. I spent $5,190 in 2013 for solar and haven’t recover that cost yet and now i have to pay again $3,731. I have no objection to pay minimal cost which mentioned in earlier letters but this is too much. I had few discussions last year with  CER people and they asked me to get back in Jan 2018 but haven’t  heard anything yet even after few remainders.

I too have the same story as everyone else I received a letter from the Australian Government clean Energy Regulator and Canadian Solar back in September 2016. The letter stated the replacement of panels would be either no cost or minimal cost. It also said your system may not work as effectively or last as long as expected . They also have not identified any safety issues in the panels that they have inspected.

Canadian Solar have stuffed me around for a long time. I finally had a appointment from someone to come out in February 2017  no one showed up! when calling them they said they forgot to cancel as they had no more Solar panels in stock. ( Very Unprofessional )

I had issues with the inverter not working in September so they replaced this at no cost as it was under warranty. Now again it is playing up not good enough. I received a letter in September with update of a new Solar installer.

I finally had someone come out in early December 2017 ( Solar Service guys ) I received my quote  in January what a joke !! Asking for $4619.00 this included a new inverter saying that I needed a WIFI one and in a different location with out the inverter they wonted just over $2000 They even stated that if CER did a audit and my inverter was not in a high traffic area that an inverter replacement will be required at my cost. ( Scare Tactics ) Sounds like from other people dose not matter what area you have it its in the wrong spot.

I agree these people are trying to make extra money I refuse to pay again for my solar panels. ( So Disgusted ) I don’t think they deserve anyone’s business  it would be good if the media heard about them.


Here’s our quote (with our personal info blacked out… please assist in maintaining our privacy if anyone uses this quote on the net)  Our quote is probably similar to many of you out there? We DIDN’T proceed with the sale, by the way.

 **Of particular interest to us on our Quote is the section on: Small Scale Technology Certificate, worth $4182 discount – an incentive to do with the Clean Energy Regulator

Here’s a link to that:

Now, having already installed our first 6kw system at a cost of $9100 in 2013, it was our understanding that we’d already claimed that. Solar Service Guys tried to also sell us another inverter telling us it wasn’t installed in a high traffic area where we could check it.

Had we done so, our replacement system would have cost us $5000 + the $4200 subsidy, which is bang on what we paid for our original system! Therefore, we deduce this is a SCAM; effectively taking advantage of Clean Energy subsidies &  ‘double dipping’ when we’ve already had the discount & in short; selling us an entirely new system at no loss to themselves. I am frankly surprised we’ve heard nothing of the fake panels on media and doubly surprised we’ve heard nothing of these companies ‘conning’ solar owners to buy new systems all over again and have a second bite of the subsidy cherry.  Surely that is not the aim behind this kind of subsidy? It would be quite the scandal if a government loophole was enabling this, surely?

We feel, a savvy business owner has taken advantage of a situation & reaping benefits, while Canadian Solar racks up more sales of their panels The story about the panels has changed several times; from behind C Grade Canadian Solar Panels to counterfeit imports.

Contact times have been spasmodic (we hypothesis participants are ducking n weaving anyone who asks questions); hence stories have evolved to cover themselves. At no point can we find any official statement from Canadian Solar themselves, clearly stating what has happened. They have been very quiet over this.

If the panels are indeed counterfeit, then surely they would want to clear their name?

I am in a similar situation with Solar Delight and dodgy Canadian Solar panels in Adelaide. After being notified of the discrepancy and an assessment- I was advised they could be replaced or left as is. I have not had a problem with them to date – approx 5yrs. 

The first quote for swapping the panels was around $800 (which I was happy to go with), but then advised Solar Service guys they would be taking over and the price had increased to over $2000. I have done nothing further at this time because I am just plain slack and my system is working satisfactorily. 

I would be happy just to get some replacement panels and have them installed myself – and l probably should just get onto that. 

I hope I will have better luck in getting in contact with Canadian Solar. I really hate getting ripped off and find the whole situation unAustralian. I’ve worked hard for my dollar and expect a fair and reasonable service. 

I’m thankful nothing has gone wrong to date and you’ve inspired me to move before something does. 

Hi all ,
We have a very similar story. We purchased a 6kw system from Solar Delight in 2013 for a cost of over $10,000. At the time of purchase we were advised to wait for the Canadian panels which were scheduled to arrive in the country with in 3 months. We were told they were a “far superior product”. We waited for the ‘better’ panels and our system was installed in Oct 2013. We have had no issues or problems with the system. In-fact the system performed very well.
In 2016 we were contacted by Canadian Solar and told that our solar panels were actually “C” class panels and that they did not meet Australian standards. We were advised that the Solar Service guys would be in touch in order to sort out the problem. Several months later we were contacted and told that a technician would come to our home to inspect our system and provide us with a quote to replace the panels. They arrived and inspected the system from the ground only. We were advised that all of the panels needed to be replaced at a total cost of over $6,000, however, we would have to pay only $2,000 of the total cost due to the availability of the renewable energy rebate. We were told further that we, “were not obligated to go ahead, however, the system was not up to code and there may be ramifications for our home insurance in case of damage caused by a malfunction”. We were also advised “that our ability to claim any further feed-in tariff from our energy supplier could be compromised because they would be notified that we had a non code system in place”. Needless to say we went ahead and had the panels changed at a cost of over $2,000. I simply do not see how a company who imports and sells non approved and, therefore, potentially dangerous electrical products into Australia can say they are not obliged to rectify their error at their cost. Questions also need to be asked of those statutory organisations, whose job it is to ensure that Australian Standards are met, actually oversaw the importation, fitting and use of those ‘non standard’ products.