Solar Delight has Closed it’s doors.

Solar Delight closed down and started up again interstate under the name Fortune Solar. Recently Fortune Solar also shut down so now there is no one left to contact in regards to warranty claims etc. If you have a problem with your Aurora Inverter ( or another type) such as the “E031 Error” which is very common with these inverters you can contact me and I can steer you to where you can get help. I only know 2 people with these inverters and both have failed with the same E031 Error code. If you need more info you can contact me on 0408 691 299.

Canadian Solar Panel Replacement Update

Canadian Solar allowed Solar Delight to bring C grade solar panels into Australia. They contacted many of Solar Delights customers and told them that they would replace the illegal panels for FREE! I have been told for the past year that my panels would be replaced for free and now 12 months later they are telling me that I must pay $2,000 to have them replaced.

What sort of company makes their customers pay for their mistakes? I am not at all impressed with Canadian Solar and I am not at all happy that they have strung me along for 12 months telling me that my c grade, illegal panels would be replaced for free and now they are asking $2,000 for them to be replaced.

Please contact me if you have had a similar scenario with your Canadian Solar Panels. I have already heard from several other ex Solar Delight customers who have similar stories as mine, so let me know if you have also been misled by them.

By the way Canadian Solar Panels are made in China, not Canada. Don’t be fooled by the name. Have a read of the following article: